Teacher – Sommers, Amy

My virtual classroom is up and running! You may find all of the information you need via PowerSchool. All classes also have a Google Classroom (students – please accept my invite through your school gmail!) where all information is ALSO posted. This is also where students can ask me questions and have conversations with other students.


Read 180 (Reading 7) – you should already have your log-in information for HMH. Follow the link on PowerSchool. The only thing that is new is the Google Classroom!


Action Magazine (Reading 8) – we will be utilizing Action Magazine online in addition to PowerSchool and Google Classroom. Directions and a link to log in can be found in the Google Classroom.


Language Arts Fundamentals – you should also already have your log-in information for PowerUp. Directions, guidance and a link for logging in at home can be found on PowerSchool and in our (new) Google Classroom site.


All questions can be directed to me at my email, asommers@kpbsd.k12.ak.us or via phone, (907) 260 – 2560.