Teacher – Church, Shelli

Business Information
Typing Quest 15-20 minutes a day. Click.

Career Paths
Complete the assignments on the Alaska Career Information System Website. Click.

You are free to choose one elective per week.  You may choose to complete an assignment from any of the elective teachers listed.

Throughout the week I will be hosting Zoom Sessions to check-in on your progress even if you are completing an assignment from Mr. Burns, Mr. Cudd or Mrs. Eggleston.   I will be posting announcements and assignments regularly, so check-in often.   At the end of the week complete the form called the Weekly Check-in listed on the site.

Contact me via email:  schurch@kpbsd.k12.ak.us or my office phone (907) 260-2530 and leave a voice mail, which sends me an email.

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