Opt-Out Form

KPBSD Curriculum and Assessment Opt-Out Form 

State Assessments are administered to all students at Skyview Middle School.

Please see the message below from Mr. Truesdell, Skyview Principal, regarding State testing:


While it is your right to opt your student out of state wide testing, I would encourage you not to do so.  Having all Skyview students test might not be relevant to you or your family, but the assessment data is VERY relevant to us as a school.  We use state assessment data to improve as a school.  Individual teachers look at the data to examine their teaching of the Alaska State Standards.  Teaching departments collaborate using the data to help change instructional practices in specific areas to better meet the needs of our students.  The state assessment data is our only way to compare ourselves to other middle schools around the state, and the best way for us to pin point how we are doing. If you would like to know more about how we intend to use the data, please give me a call at the school, and I will explain in detail our plan for collaborating and improving our practice based on the PEAKS testing data.

Sargeant Truesdell, Skyview Principal


To opt out of State testing, a parent/guardian must print a KPBSD Opt-Out Form (below), complete all the information and return it to the school principal.  Thank you.

Click here to print a KPBSD Opt-Out Form