Homework Help


Grades – All student grades are updated in Power School by  5:00 pm Monday.
Athletic Eligibility – Grade checks are Tuesday morning.  For questions regarding athletic eligibility, please contact a school administrator.

Need help with homework?
Here are 7 suggestions: 

1.  Ask a Teacher
Contact the classroom teacher to schedule a one to one meeting.  Appointments can be made before school, after school or during lunch.

2.  Before-School Tutoring for All Students – All Subjects
Tuesday through Friday  – 7:00 am to 7:45 am
with Mrs. Johnson in Room B106

3.  Online Textbook
Website:  http://my.hrw.com
Directions to view online textbook for Math:  After you log in with the username and password for the textbook needed, click the link “Go to Online Text Book” located on the right side of the page.  Science textbooks not available.
8th Grade Math Book:  username = 8student172 / password = t9j3z
7th Grade Math Book:  username = 7student215 / password = w7p2d
Algebra Book:  username = astudent2443 / password – m4p2b
Geometry Book:  username = gskys1 / password = b2e7a

4.  Lunch Time
With Mrs. Jones, Highly-Qualified Math Teacher, for Math help
Students may bring a lunch.  Her classroom is located on the Second Floor – B203.

5.  FOL – Focus on Learning
Students will login and sign up to receive academic assistance from any available teacher.
This is a great opportunity to make-up missed assignments and labs.

6.  Homework Monster / SLED
FREE live tutoring is available for Alaskan students in grades K – 12 from 1:00 pm to midnight @ http://sled.alaska.edu/homework.  No password required.
This service, along with many other helpful resources, is accessible from the Digital Pipeline, located on the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Website > Student/Parent Heading @ http://sled.alaska.edu/databases/.

7. Reading Lexile
Lexile scores for many book titles can be found @ Scholastic Book Expert Online
Target scores:
7th grade reading Lexile is:   970-1120
8th grade reading Lexile is:  1010-1185