Homework Help



Need help with homework?
Here are 5 suggestions: 

1.  Ask a Teacher
Contact the classroom teacher to arrange an appointment.

2. Tutoring for All Students – All Subjects
Monday through Thursday  – 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Please call Amy Sommers on Monday/Wednesday at 608-345-6534

Please call Shanna Johnson on Tuesday/Thursday at 907-252-7159

 3.  Online Math Textbooks
Directions to view online textbook for Math
Science textbooks not available

4.  Homework Monster / SLED
FREE live tutoring is available for Alaskan students in grades K – 12 from 1:00 pm to midnight @ http://sled.alaska.edu/homework.  No password required.
This service, along with many other helpful resources, is accessible from the Digital Pipeline, located on the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Website > Student/Parent Heading @ http://sled.alaska.edu/databases/.

5. Reading Lexile
Lexile scores for many book titles can be found @ Scholastic Book Expert Online
Target scores:
7th grade reading Lexile is:   970-1120
8th grade reading Lexile is:  1010-1185