FOL – Focus on Learning

Skyview Middle School – Focus on Learning Advisory

FOL sign-up link:

A student may sign-up to receive Academic Assistance and/or Enrichment Exploration in a variety of subjects and activities.  GRADES ARE ESSENTIAL in this process.  If a student has a D or F in any class, he/she is only allowed to sign-up for an Academic session.  If a student does not sign up for a session, he/she will automatically be assigned to one by the office.

Student FOL Signup Guidelines:
1. Sign up for FOL using PowerSchool. (upper left hand corner, application icon)
2. Sign up for FOL at school, home or on a phone.
3. Sign up for FOL for the entire week.
4. Take a picture, write down, or print list of FOL’s for the week.
5. Know where the FOL location is. Do not wait until FOL time to locate a new      classroom.
6. FOL selections for the current week will be available on or before 8:00 am Monday.