Schools Page – February 12, 2018

Sports Schedule this week:

  • Tuesday, February 13 – Volleyball – Homer A vs. Skyview 7 at Homer  – 4:00 pm
  • Tuesday, February 13 – Volleyball – Homer B vs. Skyview B at Homer – to follow A game
  • Wednesday, February 14 – Volleyball – Skyview B vs. Chapman at Chapman – 3:00 pm
  • Thursday, February 15 – Volleyball – Kenai B vs. Skyview B at Skyview – 3:00 pm
  • Thursday, February 15 – Volleyball – Kenai B vs. Skyview 7 at Skyview – to follow B game
  • Thursday, February 15 – Volleyball – Kenai 7 vs. Skyview 8 at Skyview – to follow 7 game
  • Friday, February 16 – Volleyball – Homer A vs. Skyview 8 at Skyview – 3:00 pm
  • Friday, February 16 – Volleyball – Homer B vs. Skyview B at Skyview – to follow 8 game
  • Friday, February 16 – Skiing – Homer Invitational at Homer – 4:00 pm
  • Saturday, February 17 – Wrestling – Seward Take Down Tournament at Seward – 10:00 am

Winner of the Skyview Middle School Geography Bee is 7th grade student, Blake Lewis!  He took an online test created by National Geographic for a chance to qualify for the state Bee.  If he scores in the top 100 for the state of Alaska, he will be invited to the State Geography Bee in March.  Congratulations to Blake and all the students who participated in the Geo Bee.

Congratulations to Skyview Middle School Spelling Bee champion Josephine Moore and to Runner-up Avery Willets!  Josephine will participate in the Statewide Spelling Bee in Anchorage at the Sheraton on Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Good luck to the Battle of the Books team that will participate in the district-wide competition on Wednesday, February 14!  Members include: Staff/Teacher – Shanna Johnson and students – Ivy Daly, Liam Harris and Brayden Hart.  Special shout out to staff member Anna McCabe and student Aria Olmsted for their help in preparing the team for the event.

Buy A Yearbook – $30!  Visit the Skyview Middle School Blog to purchase.  Each yearbook comes with 2 free personalized pages – design yourself.  Please contact Mrs. Eggleston if you have any questions.

Morning Tutoring is available for all students on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with Mrs. Kelley from 7:00-7:45 am.

Congratulations to the December/January Students of the Month!
Ashlee Anderson, Evan Appelhans, Chloe Armstrong, Lilliana Bahl, Saiyan Baker, Brady Baker, Marysue Beck, Lirissa Best, Brier Books, Ronnie Boze, Madisyn Braden, Ellie Brinkerhoff, Zachary Brockway, Tori Burk, Anna Brooklyn Chadburn, Riley Christensen, Landen Chumley, Adrienne Conner, Katherine Conner, Zenczeska Conway, Sarah Coon, Ivy Daly, Dylan Davidhizar, Shraddha Davis, Jordyn Davis, Trinity Donovan, Reese Edgell, Tristan Edmondson, Sophia Evans, Brayden Fain, Pierce Felix Hughes, Bo Gage, Hanna Giugler, Rowan Gottlob, Mia Gridley, Ava Grossl, Joshua Hall, Gavin Hanson, Heath Hart, Blaine Hayes, Jordan Henley, James Hindman, Emily Hinz, Alexis Hitchcock, Hamilton Hunt, Joshua Jelliff, Harley Johnson, Benjamin Johnson, Karley Johnson, Riley Johnson, Chloe Johnson, Quintin Johnston, Ashley Kingrey, Cody Koch, Jeremiah Kvasnikoff, Lyrad Larson, Elyse Ledda, Axel Locke, Keegan Lorring, Joshua Lynner, Rollin Madden, Cesar Mariscal, Molly McMillan, Gannon McMillan Canfield, Austen McQueen, Daniel McRorie, Scott Michael, Ian Miller, Josephine Moore, Katelyn Morrison, Abbi Nelson, Jared Oberts, Kluane Pannick Pootjes, Anastasia Parkin, Isaac Pontius, Alyssa Powell, Hunter Richardson, Bethany Richmond, Joshua Riley, Camren Roberts, Isabella Rodriguez, Daisy Rogers, Kiana Rohr, Kaidence Shaeffer, Zekarias Schwartz, Deanna Shepard, Tristin Sipes, Rodrick Smyth, Zachary Soby, Alvin Solomona, Austin Sorenson, Ayden Spann, Oria Stocks, Carly Sturman, Brayden Taylor, Carter Tennison, Briana Theel, Spencer Updike, Lee Tobin Leadens, Emma Updike, Cody Uribe Koivisto, Isabella Valenzuela, Lily Van Hout, Kaden Vanderwall, Rylen Weed, Zakariya Williams, Emylee Wilson, Brock Wilson, Emry Wolverton, Liam Wurst

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