Citizens of the Fourth Quarter

Congratulations to these students for receiving four character cards!  Go Spartans!

Asia Angeles Hanson
Kellie Arthur
Garryn Baker
Levi Benner
Carsen Brown
Anthony Carrasco
Caroline Cho
Tanner Craig
Preston Doucet
Titan Farrell
Joseph Fiebelkorn
Mykenna Foster
Brenner Furlong
Victoria Giles
Laurel Glaves
Cheyenne Groff
Cody Hemphill
Cameron Knowlton
Serena Larrow
Justin Lavender
Myra Love
Sarah McConnell
Sean McMullen
Carlin Meyer
Chloe Newby
Natalia O’Toole
Portia Padilla
Nathaniel Patat
Brianna Peters
Wessley Petrovich
John Mark Pothast
Cody Quelland
Delaney Risley
Jaeger Smith
Kyla Smith
Jode Sparks
Shannon Spence
Allison Towell
Alexander VanDeGrift
Koby Vinson
Andreah Walker
Thomas Wells

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