New! – SMS “Citizen of the Quarter”

The Soldotna Middle School Character recognition program is a quarterly program.  Soldotna Middle School Teachers will be handing out student of character cards when they see a student show trustworthiness, respect, caring, responsibility, fairness, or citizenship.  These cards are passed out for the student’s actions and not for any academic purpose.  At Soldotna Middle School we define character as “the actions a student takes when they think no one is looking.”  The goal of this program is to catch SMS students showing positive character and then reward them as a “Citizen of the Quarter”. 

Here is how a Soldotna Middle School Student can become a “Citizen of the Quarter”:

  • Earn 4 Character cards (throughout the year)—stapled them together and placed them in the Citizen Box at the office.
  • Meet the quarterly behavioral guidelines.
    • NO out of school or in-school suspension
    • NO missed detentions (missed due to school ab. does not count)
    • Assigned NO more than 2 detentions (lunch detention=.5 detention) in a quarter
    • Assigned NO Saturday Schools

Congratulations to the second quarter “Citizens of the Quarter” :  Gage Burns-Hankins and Cameron Knowlton!

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